Vancouver Townhouse for sale: these properties are sought after and are desirable for first-time homeowners. Investing in these properties can provide a steady cash flow and a great investment return. The origins of the word townhouse go back to early England, where the term referred to a house a family (usual royalty) kept “in town” (meaning London) when their primary residence was in the country. Buying a townhouse or a street of townhomes may be a good investment if you are an investor.

Townhouses are a style of home that share one to two walls with adjacent properties but have separate entrances. In the suburbs, townhouses are often uniform multi-floor homes built in a distinct community that might have its own homeowners association.

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Overall, townhouses in 2022 could draw many buyers and help propel some of Canada’s hottest real estate markets even higher. Townhouses are an ideal option for new families and couples looking to downsize due to their lifestyle, space, and low maintenance requirements.

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Due to the less maintenance, first-time home buyers may consider buying townhomes instead of single homes with yards to take care of. Do townhomes retain their values? The short answer is yes. Townhomes most certainly retain their value.

Townhome construction has surged in the last year or so. According to the most recent numbers, townhomes now make up nearly 13% of all single-family starts and have notched a 38% uptick in just a year. And if you ask most experts, that trend will only continue as 2022 progresses.