Single-Family Detached Houses For Sale

To begin your search for detached houses in Vancouver Westside with a yard and a garage, you can start by browsing our online real estate listings or contacting one of our local real estate agents for Vancouver single-family houses for sale. To narrow your search, consider the neighbourhoods in Vancouver that interest you and have the amenities you desire. Some popular Vancouver West Side communities offering detached single-family houses with yards and garages include Kerrisdale, Dunbar, Shaughnessy, Kitsilano and Point Grey.

Remember that these neighbourhoods tend to be more affluent and may come with a higher price tag. However, they offer beautiful homes with spacious yards and garages and easy access to parks, shopping, dining, and other amenities.

How many detached Homes are for sale in the Vancouver Westside?

Look no further. If you’re buying or selling single-family houses in Vancouver, our real estate experts will guide you through the process with your Vancouver single-family real estate. As your local REALTOR®, we have complete knowledge concerning the Vancouver housing market.

Popular Detached Houses Vancouver Westside single-family residential communities:

  • Vancouver Westside has many luxury and heritage houses. 
  • Kitsilano Homes for Sale
  • UBC Homes For Sale 
  • Kerrisdale Homes For Sale 
  • Shaughnessy Homes For Sale 

Contact a Vancouver Single-Family Houses For Sale Expert to guide you through the transaction.